Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Soooooo sore!

I am so sore from the marathon, as usual, but life with 4 little kids goes on! When the kids came home from school I tried to have them play downstairs by me doing puzzles- it lasted about 15 minutes (they are too fast! we need new puzzles!!). I let them go upstairs and they screamed and wrestled and who knows what else upstairs for almost 2 hours. I was way too sore to walk upstairs- and probably too scared to see the mess that awaited me. It would have done no good because I can't bend down to pick anything up anyway!
In other news- Tonio called me into the garage and told me he knew what kind of animal was in our attic!!!! I was terrified he was going to show me something to do with rats but instead he showed me a huge pile of eaten pecans. The kids had collected bucket loads and left them in the back corner of the garage, forgotten. When we moved some big things out of the way, there were the shells. Just to be sure I googled squirrel poop and compared the evidence (you never can be too sure). Tonio found some openings from the garage into the roof and patched them up, and that night we didn't hear any dance parties above our heads. Amazing.

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