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Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in the swing of things!

Coming back from the long trip, we got right back into the daily grind, except with several suitcases of dirty laundry. I started to read the kids' very first chapter book: "Little House in the Big Woods." In the first chapter, Laura hears wolves that "eat little girls," Pa shoots at a bear trying to steal their pig, and Pa kills a deer and they all eat venison. Let's just say from her reaction Vivi would not have made a good pioneer woman. I was contemplating changing the book (because I was already changing some of the scenes), but I ended up sticking with it. The rest of the chapters weren't as gruesome to my animal-loving Vivi, and the kids really enjoyed the book- to the extent that they know play "Laura" outside. We collect acorns (pretending they are food) and look for wolves by the bayou, pretend our dogs are cows, and have picnics outside in the grass. In the midst of reading the book, we have had some animals move into our attic. I'm not sure what they are, but when they scamper above my bed it sounds like the will literally fall through the ceiling into my room. We got a trap from the city, and laced it with peanut butter (to no avail). I read about what animals it could be, and came up with either squirrels or sewer rats- let's just say I am praying for the former!!!!! We will be sitting reading on the couch, when all of a sudden I hear them- look up to the ceiling- and freeze.. whispering "ssssshhhhh, they're back. No one move." Then I ran outside like a crazy person and throw tennis balls at the roof. It's crazy. I'm crazy. I feel like I'm hearing voices, but instead of voices it's teeth chattering and rodents dancing about above my head. Just for the record, we already rid our attic of possums last year....

Children's Museum and doing puzzles!:)

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