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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sisterly Love

Maya's first night in the big girl bed! We got bunk beds that have a full bed on the bottom for the girls, and also for any guests. After many preps, I asked Maya "What are you going to do when Maya turns off the light?" Her response, with the biggest smile possible: "PLAY!!!!!" At least she is honest.

What do you get when you put 5 year old and 2 year old sisters together in bunk beds? A lot of late nights and early mornings! We, as a family, are learning about sharing bedrooms. It (sometimes) works well when we can get Maya to sleep earlier... well, it works when Vivi doesn't then wake her up to play. The first night of bunk beds they insisted on sleeping together. That lasted until 9pm when the giggles floated downstairs. We got Vivi back up to the top and they soon fell asleep. Another night, we were lying in bed at 10pm and Maya exuberantly bounces into our room: "I wake up!" By the time we scooped our smiley pink little elephant-clad baby girl, curly Vivi comes traipsing through the door with her squirmy smile. She knew she shouldn't have woken up Maya, she knew they shouldn't have been playing... but the temptation of princesses and castles was too much! We have explained about sneaking into bed at night, and then sneaking out of bed in the morning, and so far we have about a 50% success rate. This picture was taken one night, well after bedtime. It was a joint venture, although only one of the partners allowed us to photograph her.

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