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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Funnies and New Tricks

Vivi: Mommy, Tonito has to go potty.
Me: Tonito do you have to go potty?

T: No.

Vivi: Mommy. When Tonito dances, he has to go potty.

(Tonito runs to the potty).

Vivi: (wearing a raincoat and boots, running to the car in the pouring rain) Mommy, we don't have an umbrella. Grandma and Grandpa have an umbrella. They are SO lucky!

Vivi: Mommy, when I take a nap I just play. I don't sleep in the day. When I sleep in the day I don't sleep at night. Then I play at night.

Vivi: When I bigger I a mommy and when Tonito bigger Tonito a papi.
On the TV there was something about some toys being made in China. Tonito heard that and came running in to tell me "Tonito from China too!!"

Maya JUST TODAY learned how to say "choo-choo"! She is one year old and one week;). Of course we live houses away from the train which passes a million times a day so this was inevitable!

She also heard me playing music and when the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" came on she did the motions (kind-of). So cute! Her words:

Vivi (we think)
baba (bye-bye)
da (we think is that)

In July we were on our way to visit Auntie Susie in Wisconsin. We were singing lots of songs in the car, doing "this little piggy," and counting. I was counting Vivi's fingers in English, then Spanish, and then trying to do it in Chinese. Then Tonito wanted his fingers counted, so I did his, but of course he only has 9. He looked at his one hand, and then the other, and I swear at that precise moment he just noticed that he was missing his middle finger. I don't know if he just hadn't figured it out that his other hand has all 5 fingers, but the look of surprise on his face as he exclaimed "Broken! It's all gone!" and pointed at the empty space was so sincere I have to believe it was his first time noticing. His eyes darted from my hands to his hands and he shrugged his shoulders and said "All gone."

Fast-forward to this week and again we were counting or doing "this little piggy" and Tonito sighed and said "Tonito no finger. Goed bye-bye," and shrugged his shoulders like "Oh well." He is so open and transparent, and he moved on to this train in about 2 seconds. So then we did his toes (he LOVES "this little piggy") and he got all surprised again "Mommy look! Tonito toes! Tonito toes." I think he was telling me that he had all of his toes:). He is so cute!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, if only grownups could learn to accept challenges like that! Dadxxoo