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Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Tongue like a Fa-Fa

We love to color! (and eat markers) One of the milestones that babies reach around a year old is that they start to scribble. So we put Maya into her high chair with some very washable and non-toxic markers and watched our little Frida create.. and then try to eat the marker.. and then cry as her mean mommy takes away the marker, at which point Vivi realizes that Maya looked like a fa-fa (giraffe) because of her blue tongue, which provoked some feelings of envy from the two older kids who also wanted a blue tongue so they could be a fa-fa. Whew.
When Tonito first came home, he was just at about the same stage as Maya is now: he could hold a pencil/marker and could scribble. A couple of months after coming home, he was able to draw a circle, and straight lines. He now is able to draw a pretty good "t" and an "o," and we're working on "n." Once we get "n" we are homefree because "i" is easy and then he already knows "to..."! So we just have to work on our "up-down-up," which is what we say when we're practicing, and then he will be able to sign his name. The one thing that Tonito still hasn't mastered is coloring in something- I mean filling in a shape with a color. He kind-of just draws a bunch of lines next to each other. When he first came home he would scribble/draw sticks of lines crossing, etc, and I wonder if they ever practiced Chinese characters with him? But I would guess that maybe he has never actually colored for fun... ? Whatever the case, he is starting to color a little bit and can write "To" so we're excited!

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