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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy??? Naaaaaaaah! Why would I be busy?

I can't believe that it's been over a month since I have posted anything!!!! We have been having so much fun this summer!!! I am going to break it down into manageable chunks:).

May 25-May 31:

We came home from my Auntie Susie's house and celebrated by watching the Memorial Day parade. Earlier that week, the junior high band practiced marching and playing patriotic tunes up and down our street. For 3 days in a row Vivi and Tonito would hear the music and then run outside to sit by the curb and wave and clap for them. Vivi told me when she gets bigger she wants to play the violin in a parade (she has loved the violin since we introduced "cri-cri," a violin-playing cricket from Mexico). Tonito is so diligent about waving and clapping, and will keep doing so until the last tuba passes by and is acknowledged by his little praise. He and Vivi loved the idea that kids on floats threw out candy to them!! (who doesn't love free treats?)

Later that week my friend Christy came in from Toronto for our college roomie's wedding (Yay Loren!). I took her to see the Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Chicago (now known as the National Museum of Mexican Art). I have taken a couple of high school Spanish classes to this museum before, and I was trying to determine which was more difficult: 3 kids under 4 or 150 immature and hormonally-charged teenagers. My kids won the challenge. Needless to say they loved looking at the alebrijes and mystical animals, and wanted to touch e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. After chasing the kids through the exhibits, we walked in the rain to Nuevo Leon restaurant, a loud (perfect for boisterous toddlers) and delicious Mexican restaurant. The third time to the potty I noticed that they now had added diaper changing stations (TMI- Christy- do you remember taking Vivi there when she was a baby and changing her explosion by holding her over the toilet!!?).
June 1-June 7:

We were so excited that papi took a day off to come with us to the Children's Museum!! There are a couple of Children's Museums in the area, and we hadn't visited this one before. It was definitely geared toward a little bit older kids, because it had a lot of dramatic play opportunities. Here the kids are making sandwiches at the "Potbelly" restaurant (everything kid sized!), shopping at Dominick's supermarket, and then playing in the beloved water rooms. We loved having papi there to navigate through the chaos of nannies chatting away while their charges ran wild.

So cute!!! They made us sandwiches at Potbelly's (above) and then below they each got a shopping list and had to find the different fruit, veggies, etc. They both LOVED it!

On the weekend Tonio and I decided to try and make paella. We used to do this thing where every month we had a theme, and then every weekend we had to make a meal of the special theme or ingredient. This is our "date-night," where we don't have to hire a babysitter, we get a good meal and we can gab about the week while we're cooking. The paella didn't really turn out- I mean, it was edible but if you closed your eyes you weren't transported to Spain:). But hey, we did it without a recipe, and the next time we will investigate beforehand.

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