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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday barbecue and Thank you Auntie Pat!

What a relaxing weekend- the kids went to the zoo with papi on Saturday, and then on Sunday we took a long walk and had a picnic in the park. These are some pictures from Sunday's dinner- ribs, turkey hot dogs, and asparagus on the grill (what a combo:), spinach salad and bean salad. The kids both ate their first hot dogs!!! I can't believe Vivi ate it (she's my self-proclaimed vegetarian). Of course Tonito ate it- he likes everything so far, even the 2 salads!

Today we got a fun package in the mail from Auntie Pat, Uncle Pete, Nate, Anna and Jenna in Wisconsin!!!:) Thank you guys soooo much!!! Vivi loved her princess dress (which she immediately put on and didn't take it off again until it was bathtime!), Tonito got a bug house (which already has some ants and a ladybug) and bubble maker, Maya showed off her beautiful sunhat, and all the kids got pinwheels!!! They LOVED the presents Auntie Pat!!! We already used up the entire bottle of bubbles- taking turns of course. What a fantastic summer-y package to open up on this gorgeous day. FUN!!!:)
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Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures of the kids! They sure had fun with the bubbles. Love, Mom

Alyson & Ford said...

What a wonderful weekend - lots of fun! Not sure how you manage with the three little ones!

Alyson LID 01/27/06