Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One week!!!

Once there were two women who never knew each other
One you do not remember, the other you call Mother
Two different lives shaped to make you one
One became your guiding star, the other became your sun
The first one gave you life, and the second taught you to live it
The first gave you a need for love, the second was there to give it
One gave you a nationality, the other gave you a name
One gave you a talent, the other gave you aim
One gave you emotions, the other calmed your fears
One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried you tears
One made an adoption plan, that was all that she could do
The other prayed for a child, and God led her straight to you.
Now, which of these two women, are you the product of?
Both, my darling, Both, just two different types of love.


Kimber and Scott Miller said...

Hi Becky,
I see we have great taste in choosing poems/quotes! I just put the same one on our blog earlier today. :-)

Sallymander said...

what a beautiful poem!

this is sally. :)

you were looking for the sophie saga. you know how you left a message under the valentine's day entry? well...under that entry is an entry about going to benihana's on superbowl sunday. and under that are the entries about our future daughter, sophie.

yes, it'd be nice to get together sometime. :) where do you live? we live in downers grove, two towns east of naperville. contact me when you get home from china and have time. we'd love to hear all about your china trip and adventure.

dear Lord,
please protect this family as they travel to china to meet and bring home their son. comfort their other children as they are away. let the process go smoothly. in Christ's name, amen.

Anonymous said...

What a beutiful poem ;)