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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Germ Infested

Pobrecita de Maya!!!! Vivi has been really sick with 104 degree fever and terrible coughing- the kind of virus that slows her down to an afghan on the couch and a never-ending Winnie the Pooh DVD, that we now know every word to even though we've only had it out of the library for a week. After many sleepless nights, and shared bags under our eyes, Maya caught the same virus! As a zombie at her dr's appointment on Monday, I asked (begged) if the doctor maybe saw an ear infection or strep throat so we could get her on some meds and maybe have one of the girls feeling better. "Nothing but a virus..." "RSV is going around..." "You just have to let it runs its course..." A couple of nights later, Maya started to protest her bottle. In a 24 hour period she only had 6 ounces, and "slept" (I'm using that word VERY loosely) upright in our arms moaning in her sleep. I'm going to spare the details about the phlegm. What an odd-looking word. Anyway, POOR BABY!! I finally took her to the doctor today, who said she has 2 very bad ear infections and bronchitis!!! Pj's stained with cheap hot pink amoxicillan, our precious Maya is sleeping in her carseat (at least it's a little more upright) smelling like rosemary (a strong ingredient in baby vaporub) and, I repeat, is SLEEPING at the moment. As I should be!

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