Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Monday, March 31, 2008

DAY 6: Part 2 (first night with Toñito)

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Yesterday was amazing!!! Our little guy is such a trooper, he was smiling almost the whole day except one time on the bus when it was his naptime. He just started this almost silent crying and we had the interpreter ask him if he had to go potty (which by the way, he is the expert at squatty-potties!), ask him if he was hungry, thirsty, but he was saying nai-nai (I think), which is grandma. This must be what he called his foster mom. Poor baby:(. So Toño put him on his lap and he fell asleep. Of course, in 5 minutes we got to the next office and we had to carry him in! But apparently the power nap paid off because he was running around laughing hysterically with the other kids. They all had these helium balloons that they would release to the15 ft. ceiling and then try to jump 3 inches off the ground to reach the strings:), falling over laughing the whole time. Our little scientists were obviously experimenting with the density of helium vs. Urumqi air!:) Or was it a psychological test to see how often their new parents would happily grab the string to them? The answer was forever and ever.

What is so nice, is that these kids all know each other, and look to each other for comfort. If one of them is crying, the others are very concerned and want to go over and see what's wrong. Last night before Drew went to bed he wanted to check-in on Toñito! So even though Toñito was already sleeping, we let him come on and see him sleeping, and show him that he was OK. CUTE!!
I want to make sure we keep in touch so they can stay friends:).

For dinner, we had gone one of the hotel restaurants, and he loved playing with the chopsticks (although we don't think he quite knows how to use them? He grabbed the fork and spoon to eat). He told Toño when he had to go potty, and he asked for more water. He REALLY likes water- he drank almost 3 bottles full today, plus hot water with his medicine. He is on some kind-of antibiotics for a cold we think. (I am so glad he is ON antibiotics already because our pediatrician wouldn't give us any to bring with, and we would have needed some for him!) Vivi has been sharing so much with him, and I've been saying "xie xie mei mei" when she gives him something (thank you little sister). After a couple of times of hearing it he repeated me:). He also was looking for Vivi and he calls her Vivi!!!

Because he drank so much water, I brought the pull-ups and I am so glad I did for the night. Once he went to sleep, which was too easy, he woke up every 2 hours crying quietly. Actually, I don't think he ever woke up- I think he was crying in his sleep because once we talked to him and rocked him he would calm down as he woke up. He has to be so tired!! I am, although I didn't really sleep well last night because I wanted to make sure I woke up for him if he needed something.

So today our plan is to buy umber strollers (carrying the dead weight of sleeping 3 year olds convinced us!) and walk around Urumqi. There is NO WAY 4T's are going to fit Toñito!! So we will also go buy some warmer and smaller clothes for him, hopefully som kids books and music, and maybe even some toys:).

Here are some pictures from yesterday:
Vivi in our hotel lobby in the morning, by the fish tank in the first one...

Tai chi in the plaza across the street from our hotel. Morning group exercise is very popular, and there is music piped in over public speakers. I am going to bring the video camera today to tape some scenes. The next pictures is Vivi in front of our hotel. Blogger is actually censored in China, so I can't view my blog (or anyone's) except when I am posting the message. So I am not sure if the formatting is right, etc.. but anway.

On the way to the Adoption Center (offices)...

The outside of the office:
Paperwork- look at the top application (you can see our pictures!) That is Elsie, our guide, on the left, and the orphanage representative in the middle.

The view from one of the windows in the adoption center offices:

Us with the orphanage representative (and Vivi with her silly new smile):


Anonymous said...

Christy called and told us you posted more on your blog, so of course we had to check. Tonito looks like a happy little boy; I hope he stops crying at night soon:( We've been emailing to people to check out your blog and that we were the proud grandparents of Tonito! Have a great day. Maya is doing great. She is such a good baby. She says hi! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a busy day...and the kids are getting along great. That's good news. I love the pictures and this is going to be a great record of your trip. I hope you guys are getting enough sleep to survive and keep your wits about you. Have fun, and we'll keep checking in. love, dadxxoo

Ann said...

****. PS please give her our BLOG so she can see the kids!********

Ann said... happy to see World Famous Elsie! When I hear of her we just feel happiness. You are in wonderful hands. Please let her know that Kim,Mike, Maria, Michael and Stacy miss her tons! Please give her my blog so she can see the kids. posted above. We have been LOVING your photos and life changing journey.

Heather said...

So Happy for you,
And now you see the clothing dilemma we still face with Acer. If all else fails, you can always tie a couple belt loops together with string. Liiks funny but at least they're not plumbering.
Aren't those nighttime cries so hard to hear as a mom? Takes me back
Take care
Heather BT

Annie said...

The family photo [minus Maya] could not be more adorable!! I love Vivi's new smile and Tonito looks happy on Papi's lap : )

mario.morales said...

Que increible viaje, que bueno que Toñito se ha estado adaptando, tal vez va a estar triste por extrañar a su otra familia, pero esperemos que poco a poco se ira pasando. Y tambien los disfrutara a ustedes como nuevos papas. Que bueno que Vivi sea un encanto al compartir todo para recibir bien a su nuevo hermanito. Espero que todo el papeleo vaya siendo mas simple. Les mando un fuerte abrazo y buen regreso a casa. Saludos a Super Maya.