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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lemurs lament

"Mommy, do dreams really come true?" (after we read a bunch of Disney princess books). I said "Well, most dreams can come true if you work hard..." Vivi: "Oh good. My dream is to be a lemur."
That was last week. This week, Vivi is having second thoughts. She is going to be "Tiger of the Day" next week (for school) and she has to tell her favorite animal, and she told me she might just say cat because no one will know what a lemur is and she thinks they will laugh at her:(.

So, I gave her a big pep talk about being herself and not making up things just to be cool. I told her this was a chance to teach them about lemurs. I also told her that maybe they would have heard of them from the movie Madagascar. "Madagascar mommy!? Those aren't the lemurs I like! I don't like King Julian! I like real lemurs!"

The day came when she was going to be Tiger of the Day, and I was holding my breath when I went to pick her up from school.
She DID admit her favorite animal was a lemur, and when her teacher didn't understand what she was saying (wemur) Vivi went to the board and wrote it correctly:). I love my little girl!!!!

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