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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Princess Party!

I whipped together a princess party for Princess Maya! We invited playgroup over and asked everyone to dress up in their prettiest princess dresses:

So cute!!! We played "freeze dance," "pass the purse" (hot potato), decorated goodie bags, had races with a magic wand as the baton (this was the favorite game), played pin-the-princess in the castle, Disney movie trivia and had some fancy snacks and cupcakes. I have always wanted to have a princess party, and I love that Maya wanted one as her first "friend" party. She so big now!!! I can't believe 3 years have gone by since I had Maya, and saw that precious little baby with dark curly hair, and the perfect little lips. She's still my curly, girlie, girl, my spider monkey, munchie munchkin, pumpkin pie, Maya papaya, Maya-boo.

If we were to judge by the shrieking and giggling, the girls had a lot of princess fun! Ricky hung around and played the games with the girls, a little bit curious about all of the little girls in pretty dresses running around. Tonito got to go with his friend (and older brother of a princess) to the Science Museum- and when they came home they literally munched and munched and finished all of the goodies left on the table!

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