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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This post is from june 4th, but blogger is not cooperating:

My 2 little princesses had their ballet recital!:) I have said this before: there is nothing cuter than little girls dancing around in tutus!! I was so teary watching them on the big stage performing in front of everyone!! Maya was terrified and I was holding her backstage until literally the last second when her teacher took her hand and had to practically drag her on stage. She kept looking at the girls performing and saying "I no do that." Once on stage she just fell into place and did the whole dance (phew). I really didn't want her to feel embarrassed and start crying in the middle, poor baby. I actually have way more pictures of her because I was helping backstage with the little ones. Vivi was with the "big girls" and did really well- even though she too was sooo embrassed to be onstage she kept looking down and biting her lip (while doing pliets and arabesques). They are so big!!! Seeing them all dressed with their hair slicked in a bun reminds me of when I was little and dancing in ballet. The lights, the music, the flowers.. so special. I am so proud of them!

Maya getting ready, and look at the group performing beforehand.... so nervous!
On stage, they could see their teacher and watch her dance:).. afterwards they celebrated with cookies!

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