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Sunday, June 13, 2010


We spent Sunday in Austin! I really liked Austin- it is different from Houston and its strip malls and chain stores. Lots of character, and even some hills. Zilker Park was awesome- right near downtown, a Nature Center, playground, spring-fed pool, hiking, kayaking...

The kids' favorite part was the little train that ran along the river. I highly recommend the park for anyone with kids!

Next we went to the Texas State History Museum. Guess why 6 Flags theme park has its name? Because Texas has had 6 flags flying over it: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas (for 9 years!), USA and Confederate States of America. It was an interesting museum, although I would have learned more if I hadn't been going 60 miles an hour to herd the sheep, er I mean kids.

Of course Austin is the capital of Texas, so we visited the massive capitol building.

And then for dinner we had some Texas barbecue. Everything was very Texan. Except the accents- I thought people from Texas had a southern twang!? So far in Houston and Austin it is not very noticeable and I am a little disappointed that everyone sounds like me (bc obviously I have no accent- haha). I thought the kids would pick up a little singsong as a souvenir, but I haven't even heard them say "ya'll" yet. I'll need to try it more often at home.

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