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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Day!

On Sunday, we had "Family Day" at preschool! Each of the kids sang a song related to the beach (hence the tropical beachwear!).

Then we went outside to play in the bouncy houses, make some crafts, play some games, ride the train, and run around with their friends!

It's so funny to see the kids' reactions to the carnival atmosphere at their school. When we drove up and they saw the bounce houses, Maya's jaw dropped and she exclaimed "That's my school!" She actually thinks that her teacher's live there, and when we drive by she frequently says "Let's go visit Ann/Sarah (Miss Ann/Miss Sarah= her teachers) at her house!" She begs to have playdates with them, and always asks if they will be at our Monday playgroup. One Sunday, as we were driving by, I told her "I don't think Miss Ann is there today." Maya's response "Oh yeah, she's getting her sister from the airport" (because the 2 times she missed school was picking up and dropping off her sister at the airport;). I love the kid's logic!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sing your beach songs to me when I come to visit you this summer! Love, Grandma