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Friday, April 23, 2010

Document collecting and allergy testing

Now that we have accepted the referral, we have been busy getting documents ready- our I-171 needs to be ammended to reflect the age of the child (we were approved for a child a couple of months shy of little R), and that requires an addendum from our social worker, fed-exed to USCIS. I am crossing my fingers and praying that the immigration office can approve us quickly so we can figure out when we are travelling!!!:)

Here are some pictures of the kids practicing their chopsticking skills and enjoying a cookie. Who knew that Chips Ahoy didn't have eggs!!? Yay for Vivi (thanks Judy!). Vivi was retested for allergies, and we found out she is not only allergic to eggs and nuts, but also milk and soy. When the doctor first left the message, I went out and bought lactose-free milk. The new milk did not ameliorate her tummy troubles... when I went to the doctor, he explained that being lactose intolerant was completely different than actually being allergic. In people who are lactose intolerant, their lactase enzyme is not functioning properly to digest the milk. In a true milk allergy, the protein in milk is harmful to the person, and so in some cases the bodies emits antibodies in defense of the "poison" causing the symptoms. ANYWAY, so the reason why the lactose-free milk didn't help, was because it was still cows milk with milk protein. Now we have her on rice milk and almond milk, and she is doing great! It is amazing to see the difference. The doctor said that it is very possible that she will outgrow the allergy, but we have to keep her milk (and soy, egg, nut) free for a year before they retest her.... We have so many diet restrictions in our families, from celiac (gluten-free) to diabetic, to vegetarian, to....

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