Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

It is time to go outside, shake off the cabin fever, and jump in some leaves!

BUD, To-to, Zhu-Zhu

SQUIRTY, Vivs, Sweet Pea

BOOSIE, Punkin, Munchkin

It was a golden lit, crunchy leaved, cross country racing, fleece-wearing, cool and damp, trail running, branch shaking, sweet smelling, jewel-toned, dogs barking, wet-jeaned, tarp swinging, leaf jumping, worm-finding, heavy raking, fire burning, chilly handed, screaming, laughing, sunny day.

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