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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

After making it home, we scrambled costumes together for Halloween. Fortunately the girls have lots of princess dress-up clothes, and Tonito got the perfect pirate costume from my mom for his birthday. Here's Maya as Little Mermaid:

Vivi as pink Jasmine:
And Tonito as a "scary" pirate (notice the face)-

Tonio's last minute costume was pj's and mine was running clothes.

We got invited to a Halloween party in our neighborhood, and randomly, each of the kids knew one of the kids there from school! Vivi had her little friend Anna (the pink supergirl) there from preschool, and Tonito had Tyler (the green cucumber) from speech class.

They live on a culdesac that ends in a green belt, so the kids were safe and could run wild for dinner.

We carved pumpkins, had had dinner and dessert (because the candy wouldn't be enough:).

And at dusk we formed a huge parade consisting of a fireman, a banana, several princeses, a cucumber, a tomato, a policeman, a football player, pirate, and more. Our neighborhood doesn't have that many kids so the people handing out the candy were always pleasantly surprised at the huge group! It was a very fun party, and I am so glad it spontaneously worked out!

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