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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sibling Love

If I had to describe Maya, I would say she is a little cuddler who is perfectly happy in someone's arms (usually mine) sucking her thumb. I hate comparing my kids to each other or labeling them... but people may remember Vivi running circles around her Kindermusik class while other toddlers sat happily on their mom's laps, or how before she could walk she climbed the bookshelves in the library taller than she was.. or how she would push past scared kids twice her age and fearlessly throw herself down the highest slide in the park, laughing, head first while I raced to reach the mud puddle at the bottom of the slide before she did. Anyway, Maya is the opposite of all of those. She just hums and sucks her thumb, and climbs onto your lap, or snuggles against your leg (while I'm cooking for example!).

These pictures are from when Jim Gill (kid song singer) came to our preschool for a family sing-along. Maya had been sitting in my lap the whole time, but then we had to stand up and dance for something and when it was time to sit down again she found Tonito's lap. Tonito is the sweetest little boy, who has this kind and nurturing spirit- he and Maya have such a special relationship because he will protect her, and give into her every whim, share with her, comfort her- his empathy is amazing. Don't get me wrong- he and Maya can be fiesty and wild and stubborn as well, (well, I have never seen Tonito be stubborn, but Maya's favorite word is still NO!)- but when they share these tender moments you can't help but aaaaaw.

Here is Vivi with her mini-me. Maya brings out the peacefulness of anyone. She is quite indulged by her older siblings, and they would NEVER take away a toy from her (although they would from each other), they would never yell at her or hurt her. They spoil her with hugs and kisses, which she absolutely loves. I'm sure that will change as they grow up, but right now we are enjoying watching their nurturing side develop with their baby sister.

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Sallymander said...

how absolutely precious and sweet!!! what sweeties you have! ben is a sweetie too! lemme know when either you'd like to come over or you'd like me to meet you at that center. we have tons of playdough...i could set up playdough and playdough gadgets in my kitchen for all the kids.
:o) sally