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Friday, January 9, 2009

Frosty Sledding

When we first brought Vivi to this same sledding hill 2 years ago, she would cry everytime we would stop running with the sled. She would say "frio" and then "mas" and then "frio" and then "mas" (cold, more) as if she couldn't decide if the thrill of being pulled in the sled was worth enduring frostbitten cheeks- but the joy of the speedy ride always won. Her sister Maya had the same quandary on this frigid day (windchill below zero!)- and again decided it was so fun to be pulled be Vivi that she would happily tolerate the snow sneaking in her boots! She loved sledding down the hill (with us pulling her and adjusting the speed:) and wanted us to keep moving the *whole* time. Whew, a workout for us and then we came home and she wasn't even tired after just sitting in the sled for an hour!

Tonito is our daredeveil- he will do anything. He was the first one up the hill, and just sat on the sled and went right down, smiling the whole way! He would trudge up the hill, taking these little baby steps (under the snow was very slippery, glare ice), and then come flying down. We took turns going down with him, and then finally convinced Vivi to go down with him a couple of times as well. Everyone was soooo cold- the wind was cutting through our clothes! So we finally decided to go home, and could only convince the 3 kids to come with us with the promise of hot chocolate, and reading books under the covers on the couch (hehehe they think it is a treat to be "cozy with a blankie").

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Anonymous said...

what cute snow bunnies you have! Love, Mom