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Thursday, November 13, 2008

From biped to quadruped: Maya is walking!!!!

UPDATE on Maya
My little baby girl, just shy of 15 months, decided yesterday that she wanted to WALK!!!!!! Picture this: wobbly little Frankenstein, with a toothy grin that takes step by step until she is close enough to dive into my arms:). CUTIE!!!! She still prefers to walk on her knees, but she has walked across the floor several times. First at storytime at the library, when she saw the bells the librarian was passing out she took a couple of steps (that was Monday). Then my dad came over on Tuesday and she walked from me to him a couple of times. And then we had a playdate with Tonito's friend Georgi and she walked completely across the basement! She is getting so big- her list of words is expanding as well:

wow-wow (dog), book, "ook"= look, mas= more, "chs=" cheese (when we take pictures;), "um-ma"= grandma, Vivi, and her favorite word to repeat over and over, mama:). She also can do animal noises: moo, uuf-uff (dog), mao (cat), ooo (wolf).

She is just getting her 4th molar in which brings her up to 12 teeth, and loves to eat all fruit, peanut butter toast, broccoli, yogurt, noodles, edamame, tomatoes, and anything the big kids are eating. She really likes Vivi and Tonito and wants to do whatever they do (coloring, playing with whatever toy they have, sitting on the couch to watch Wonder Pets, reading books, etc). She is cuddly and loving, and just wants to be held all day so she can see what's going on while she sucks her little thumb.

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