Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mommy, look! A cheerio got in my nose!

What's hard about a cheerio in the nose, is that the hole in the middle won't allow you to blow it out. Plus, when little fingers try to pull it out, they only end up shoving it higher and higher. Vivi announced this at breakfast on Monday, and fortunately Tonio hadn't left for work yet! He had to hold her still (poor baby) while I very, very carefully pulled out the delinquent o with tweezers.

Dr. Mommy came to the rescue again today, when Tonito tumbled down the stairs head-first and banged his forehead into the door jamb. He has a really hard head, and I thought it would look a lot worse! Maybe our little frozen hippo (disguised ice pack) really does make the owie go away faster? He was up running around within a couple of minutes, which led to 2 scraped knees and elbows outside. The cement was not kind to Tonito and he will have little scars to prove it. After lots of kisses, squirt-the-hurt, and Diego band-aids, he was doing well enough to jump on the trampoline for a half an hour before his nap. He still can't jump with both feet leaving the ground, but he tries SO hard and laughs the entire time!! This will be his next big milestone.

The kids have been doing really well together- they both are "outdoors" kids and we spend the majority of the time playing, riding bikes/cars, jumping on the brinc-o-line, and getting dirty. :) Life is great!


Jess said...

I just love how well you all are doing! I have followed you for the last month on your journey and it has been so exciting to watch! I look forward to going through the journey ourselves.

Colleen said...

Thanks for aking me laugh! (I once got a red battleship peg stuck in my nose. No hole in the middle, but an excellent shape for
r e a l l y getting up there... and no, it wasn't last week. I was about four....I remember being pretty freaked out!)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have earned your official "mommy card" until you have had to remove a foriegn object from an ear or nose. After Jessica had been home from China for about 3 months I found a giant folded paper in her nose that had been there, who knows how long, since we got her for sure. My son had to have a pencil eraser surgicaly removed from his ear.

Welcome to the club!!!!

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