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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DAY 14 (part 1): Group Picture and Shopping in Guangzhou!

Luke, Tyler, Elyse, Gillian, Drew and Tonito

Click for Guangzhou, Guangdong Forecast

I'm writing this "part 1" of Tuesday, day 14 as the kids take a nap. We will be going on a dinner cruise on the Pearl River tonight, so I probably will post that in the morning.
Tonito has been doing so great with us!!! We have been using the "bu ta" (no hitting) less and less (we're probably down below 100 times a day now:), and he and Vivi are learning how to act silly with each other without the violence:). It was so funny in the bathtub last night- Tonito had splashed Vivi and we heard her say "bu ta mei mei"- she's picking up on survival Chinese as well! They play their own version of hide and seek, and although the hiding spot is always behind the curtains, they never tire of laughing when they find each other. Tonito definitely likes his naps (as does Vivi) and is in a much better mood when he is well-rested- which is why I am updating the blog now in silence while my two pseudo-angels sleep:).
This morning we had breakfast together overlooking the river again. Tonito woke up late, and with a terrible rash all over his legs and stomach- tiny little bumps that kind-of look like bug bites, but they are all over. We put on hydrocortisone cream on part, Benadryl on part, and Aveeno on part (THANK YOU KIM!!!) to experiment and someone told us that it could be from his new clothes from the market (maybe different detergent?) or the chlorine from the pool. Who knows? Elsie asked him if it bothered him and he said it didn't hurt, so we are waiting to go to the doctor (maybe when we go home).
We stayed in the room from 9am-10am waiting to hear if there were any questions or problems from the Consultate (where Elsie had taken everybody's paperwork) and found out that there was a mispelling of "Antonio" in one of the Chinese translations so she had to run around to get it re-translated, re-notarized, etc. Of course it had to be our paperwork! Once we got cleared, we took a taxi to a wholesale market where we found our traditional Chinese clothes- we got one for everyone in our family, including Maya!
After we grabbed some lunch at KFC (I don't eat here in the states, but we couldn't find a restaurant that had a menu!) we took a taxi back to the hotel for the famous "red couch" picture in the 2nd floor lobby of the hotel.
Pre-picture rough-housing: (Ewan and Sammy- get ready for Tonito to come home!! He wants to play with you guys!!!)

Look at these beauties:

Of course after the pictures the wrestling started:

Here are all of the families in our travel group (of course Tonito is squirming around):

And then our family:

And Kim (Drew's mom) and I in our fancy Chinese dresses:

So tonight is the cruise on the Pearl River! I am expecting lots of neon lights, some good Cantonese food, and 2 kids in a good mood because they've slept for 2 hours! I can't believe we will be home in less than a week!!! I miss Maya so much, but I will also be sad to leave Tonito's home country. I hope that we will be able to return to visit before long, and that in the meantime we can help to keep his culture and language alive. But for now we will enjoy everything we can while we are here!!

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